Safe Certified Structure delivers clients with a data based system to monitor in real time
the status of any structure and assess its residual safety.
The Integration of SHM and risk analysis with the real-time updating of advanced structural models based on the sensor network retrieved data allows to constantly control the risk profile and the residual safety margin of the monitored structure.
SHM(Structural health Monitoring) systems are a high quality sensor network to monitor critical structural parameters
SHM is connected to the cloud for real time data acquisition, 
processing and storage
Data are collected in the cloud, where the real-time measurement of the key structural parameters are compared with the results expected by the mathematical model of the structure to detect in an early phase any weakness in the construction
When critical values are met, Emergency calls to the safety decision makers are automatically activated
SHM can be combined with advanced structural models to develop an in-depth Critical Event Risk Analysis. The resulting SHM calibrated fragility functions provide both the probability of exceeding different damage conditions, and the residual reliability of the structure under different levels of stress for predictive and post-event assessments
A full Structure Life-cycle analysis and management allows the efficient allocation 
of resources for maintenance and repair


  • 1

    Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) System Installation

    Service: Install a Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) System on the asset and monitor its real time behaviour evolution

    Deliverable: Report any potential changes of relevant structural parameters and alarm when critical thresholds are met
  • 2

    Develop Analytical Structural Models

    Service: Develop analytical structural models and and verify the compatibility between the expected modeled results and the SHM retrieved data

    Deliverable: Evaluation of the residual safety and projection over the asset lifetime
  • 3

    Critical Event Risk Analysis

    Service: Combine the SHM with advanced structural models to develop an in-depth Critical Event Risk Analysis for predictive and post-event assessments

    Deliverable: SHM data calibrated fragility curves show the quantitative risk estimation and the probabilistic assessment of the residual strength after critical events
  • 4

    Structure Life-Cycle Analysis and Management

    Service: Develop a framework for full Structure Life-Cycle Analysis and Management (efficient allocation of resources for inspection, maintenance and repair)

    Deliverable: life-cycle costs assessment and management instruments to minimize total life cost or to extend the residual service life of the structure


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