Sacertis Ingegneria S.r.l. is a company operating in the field of civil engineering, specializing in monitoring and diagnostics of structures.
Sacertis Ingegneria S.r.l. is certified according to the UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015 standard for the design and commercialization of measurement instruments for continuous monitoring and for the provision of structural monitoring and diagnostics services.
Sacertis is a highly innovative enterprise that operates within the civil engineering industry, with a specific focus on monitoring and diagnostics, even in real-time, of both civil and natural structures and infrastructures. Sacertis provides a comprehensive service that encompasses all stages of the process, starting from the design and production of measurement instruments and systems, and culminating in the diagnostics of the monitored works.

It was founded by university professors, professionals, and managers of large electronics companies and supported by partnerships with international operators.

Sacertis provides diagnostics through a continuous real-time monitoring system at highly competitive costs, which is widespread and reliable, combining civil engineering knowledge, advanced and efficient cloud processing, the use of new sensors, and big data analysis. Sacertis develops numerical models for structural simulations, thus offering the possibility to create customized services according to the specific needs of the customer.
Through the combination of Model Driven and Data Driven structural monitoring approaches, the diagnostic service is articulated ad hoc to meet the needs of national and international local Road Operators; employing civil, electronic, computer, and mathematical engineers experts in big data analytics, it is able to provide a complete service, from measurements to the final evaluation of the health status of the monitored works.

Sacertis has designed and developed a network of continuous SHM systems for more than 150 bridges and tunnels, which are currently under monitoring, with the aim of further improving its industrial skills in the equipment and diagnosis of existing and new construction infrastructures.
Sacertis provides SHM systems and infrastructure monitoring and diagnostic services.
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Autostrada A32 a32
Autostrada Comune Torino ct
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Autostrada A15 a15
Autostrada Roma-Firenze r-f
Autostrada A1 a1
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Autostrada A25 a25
Basicila di San Pietro - Roma SP
Our clients
Our goals
Increase knowledge of the structure
Provide support in the testing phases
Support engineers by providing a structural monitoring and diagnostics tool
Improve the resilience of the infrastructure world
Real-time monitoring of the structure, from construction to end-of-life
Provide a turnkey solution for risk assessment and diagnostics of the infrastructure state
Foster and make proactive and preventive maintenance planning effective
Integrate different sectors and competencies to achieve the best level of technology applied to the world of civil engineering
R&D and Innovation

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  • Laboratory testing/site full-scale testing
  • National and International Research Projects
  • Innovation & Applied Research
  • Scientific Publications
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