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🎓 Excellent Opportunities Alert! Sacertis opens the doors to innovation with two exciting Ph.D. positions under the BRIDGITISE project! 🚀
Sacertis welcomes 2024 with a new and exciting challenge for the structural monitoring of historical buildings and excavation areas in Rome, in collaboration with Salcef Group.
We are honoured and thrilled to share the recognition of the prestigious Outstanding Scientific Paper Award of senior researcher Paola Darò at EUROSTRUCT2023, which is an outstanding work of all the group of authors Isabella Alovisi, Monica Longo, Dario La Mazza, Serena Negri and Prof. Giuseppe Mancini from SACERTIS and Prof. Alfredo Cigada from Politecnico di Milano.
At the end of September 2023 we have participated to EUROSTRUCT2023 conference, where we had the honor of participating with 3 highly successful presentations and being co-chair of our MS on Future-oriented European #Standardisation for #Monitoring, #SafetyAssessment, and #Maintenance of #TransportInfrastructure.
On the 31st of August 2023 we had the third and final day of the EVACES conference, we are honored to share the recognition of the prestigious "Best Paper" award for our pioneering research. 🏆✨
It was exciting to be part of the project organized by ASTM, and it was an engaging experience to interact with some students from the Civil Engineering degree program at Politecnico di Torino!
Sacertis is proud to take part to the fib Symposium 2023 - building for the future - Durable, Sustainable, Resilient structures. The conference is bringing together in Istanbul professors, engineers, and industry experts in the field of Civil Engineering from around the world.
This is a load test on the deck of a mixed steel and concrete box-girder viaduct on a highway, supported Sacertis.
The Sacertis S.r.l network is continuously expanding!
Sacertis Ingegneria Srl continues to grow in the field of #structural monitoring, thanks to a new achievement with Italferr and in collaboration with Italdron Air Service Srl.
The WP3 Reports and the interactive wikimap of the IM-SAFE project are now available on the project website!
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