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Sacertis Engineering, a leading company in the field of diagnostics and structural monitoring, with offices in Turin, Milan, and Rome, is looking for a professional with skills in computer programming and big data analysis processes, with appreciated training/experience in the field of Civil/Structural Engineering..

The figure will be included in our team of Data Analysts as a Data Scientist, responsible for analyzing data from the structural monitoring of infrastructure and civil works and developing dedicated algorithms in the cloud.

In order to effectively carry out this position, it is imperative to possess a keen attention to detail, enabling one to critically evaluate the physical phenomena depicted by the data. This must be done with the continuous support and comparison from a team of specialized structural engineers. Additionally, experience as a data analyst and familiarity with commonly used data analysis tools are essential qualifications for this role.


The candidate will be responsible for managing the dataset derived from in-situ measurements of the infrastructure on which our monitoring system is installed, including cleaning the data from environmental influences and any noise. They will also be responsible for developing algorithms for data interpretation, creating reports for interpreting the data, developing algorithms on cloud environment (using Python and relational databases), managing databases, and developing apps/APIs to support monitoring activities.


The ideal candidate should have strong data analysis skills, experience in developing data processing, mining, and modeling software, and be able to solve problems both by developing tools/algorithms that optimize the system and by using mathematical algorithms/tools/approaches to extract information from the data. They should have technical skills in data storage structures, data mining, and data cleaning.


Candidates should have a Master's degree in Civil or Structural Engineering (preferred) or a degree from an accredited university or college in Computer Science or Mathematics. They should have 3-5 years of experience in professional engineering studies or be recent graduates. Previous experience in structural monitoring and/or bridge or civil infrastructure design is desirable.

Candidates should have knowledge of programming languages such as Python, PHP, Java, Matlab, C, Visual Basic, and software such as Office, Git software, JetBrains, or similar. Experience with databases such as MySQL, Database, NoSQL, Pandas, PySpark is desirable, as well as experience working as a data analyst or in related fields.

The candidate should have excellent written and verbal communication skills, proficiency in English, be able to work well in a team, work independently, respect project timelines and milestones, and be adaptable.

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