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At the end of September 2023 we have participated to EUROSTRUCT2023 conference, where we had the honor of participating with 3 highly successful presentations and being co-chair of our MS on Future-oriented European #Standardisation for #Monitoring, #SafetyAssessment, and #Maintenance of #TransportInfrastructure.

The first presentation by Serena Negri, titled "Data-informed safety assessment of existing transport infrastructures," deepened the safety assessment of existing transport infrastructures based on data collected from monitoring, inspection and testing.

The second by Isabella Alovisi, titled "Dense sensing on roadway bridges network: new approach to data-informed assessment," introduced an innovative approach to the analysis of road infrastructures through dense sensing, with practical examples from the network of structures monitored by Sacertis.

The third by Serena Negri, titled "Framework for proactive maintenance practices for transport infrastructures," finally showed how the use of monitoring and diagnostic data, coupled with risk analysis, can support the prediction and identification of potential issues within the infrastructure sector through the application of proactive maintenance strategies.

We are excited to be a part of this important conference and to share the results of the IMSAFE project with industry leaders and experts and we look forward to continuing this stimulating conversation in the coming days.

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