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Preserving Rome's heritage for Jubilee 2025: Sacertis enhances structures’ safety

SACERTIS in collaborazione con Salcef Group

Sacertis welcomes 2024 with a new and exciting challenge for the structural monitoring of historical buildings and excavation areas in Rome, in collaboration with Salcef Group.

This initiative is part of the intervention plan outlined by the Council of Ministers to ensure the safety and maintenance of the municipal roads of Rome, in view of the celebrations for the Catholic Church's Jubilee scheduled for 2025.

Specifically, we are involved in the project to extend the underground passage at Piazza Pia, which will strengthen the pedestrian flows between Castel Sant'Angelo and St. Peter's Basilica, addressing emergency situations related to the pilgrimage and tourist movements in the area.

Our sensors, leveraging advanced technologies and a continuous alerting system, will assess the conditions of the structures throughout all construction phases. We aim to contribute to the preservation and enhancement of Italian artistic and architectural heritage while ensuring the safety of those who work or visit these locations!

We invite you to follow our project updates and results. If you have any questions or curiosity, feel free to contact us via LinkedIn or e-mail.

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