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Outstanding Scientific Paper Award a EUROSTRUCT2023

Partecipazione al corso di laurea in Ingegneria Civile del Politecnico di Torino

We are honoured and thrilled to share the recognition of the prestigious Outstanding Scientific Paper Award of senior researcher Paola Darò at EUROSTRUCT2023, which is an outstanding work of all the group of authors Isabella Alovisi, Monica Longo, Dario La Mazza, Serena Negri and Prof. Giuseppe Mancini from SACERTIS and Prof. Alfredo Cigada from Politecnico di Milano.


The awarded paper "Dense sensing on roadway bridges network: new approach to data-informed assessment", presented by Isabella Alovisi at the conference introduces an innovative approach to the analysis of road infrastructures through dense sensing, and showcases practical examples from the network of structures of SACERTIS Ingegneria SRL of the proposal for future-oriented europan standardisation for #monitoring, #safety assesement and #maintenance of transport #infrastructure.

Many thanks to the IMSAFE group and all that contributed to this great result.

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