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Sacertis AT IMAC-XL-STRUCTURAL DYNAMICS - The Human Experience of Sound and Vibration - Orlando

On February 20, 2022, SACERTIS Ingegneria SRL participated in the IMAC-XL Structural Dynamics conference - The human experience of sound and vibration, held in Orlando from February 7-10, 2022, with the paper "Anomaly detection through long term SHM: some interesting cases on bridges", as part of the collaboration with the Department of Mechanical Engineering's Group of Mechanical and Thermal Measurements at Politecnico di Milano led by Prof. Alfredo Cigada.

IMAC is the international conference that deals with the most advanced topics in modal analysis and dynamics in general, sponsored by SEM, the Society of Experimental Mechanics. This presentation was an interesting moment of discussion on a case study of dynamic monitoring and anomaly detection on road bridges subject to continuous monitoring through MEMS technology sensors.

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