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Sacertis Ingegneria Srl è presente con la sua tecnologia di monitoraggio strutturale e diagnostica nella Galleria S. Lucia

SACERTIS Ingegneria SRL is present with its structural monitoring and diagnostic technology in the Santa Lucia Tunnel, the longest 3-lane tunnel in Europe, opened to traffic on March 18th.

Numerous tunnel rings are continuously monitored with Sacertis' Smart Segment solution for the time-varying evaluation of the tensile-deformation response of the lining. The sensors were embedded in the prefabricated tunnel segments during casting and connected during TBM installation.

Each ring is equipped with bi-axial MEMS inclinometers and patented tension-deformation sensors, a data collection and pre-processing gateway, and a cloud-based architecture for data transfer and subsequent post-processing analyses. The diagnostics are supported by non-linear FE models developed for the evaluation of the expected behavior.

A great project for a great tunnel.
We thank Ing. Roberto Acerbis and Tecne - Gruppo Autostrade per l'Italia for their efficient coordination in the field.

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